I'm currently developing several projects which you can explore below. If you are interested in learning more about or supporting any of these upcoming productions, please reach out.  

Blood/Sugar (Online)

created, performed, and directed by Diana Wyenn

After more than a decade of living with Type 1 Diabetes, I turned all my skills as a storyteller toward dispelling the lies, mystery, and shame surrounding diabetes in all its forms. And just as I was about to start touring my award-winning production, the pandemic hit. Now, my video designer Jason H. Thompson and I are hard at work on a new online version to be performed and broadcasted live from my home.

Watch the trailer for the stage production

A Lesson In Swimming

written and performed by Michael Shutt

Roughly 800,000 Americans experience strokes each year. In 2015, Michael Shutt survived three. Left partially blind, partially paralyzed, and partial to chocolate pudding post-stroke, Michael sets out on a quest to put the pieces of his broken brain back together only to discover that what he perceived to now be broken might actually have been cracked open.

Watch an excerpt from the 2019 workshop production


music and libretto by Theodosia Roussos

Commissioned by the UCLA Stavros Niarchos Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture, Polymnia is composer, soprano, and oboe/English horn player Theodosia Roussos' new opera that draws from the lived experiences and poetry of Polymnia Pappas, Theodosia’s Great Grandmother from Thrace who survived the Greek Genocide to wrestle with intergenerational trauma, sisterhood, and healing.

Listen to an excerpt performed by Roussos and string quartet

See You at the Funeral! 

written and performed by Tova Katz


With original songs, a little tap dancing, and a lot of danger — a sweet-talking musician, the world’s oldest dominatrix, and Medusa (yes, that diva!) converge for a queer raucous musical healing ritual unfolding in non-linear time. Increasingly fantastical and intimate, this solo genre-bending dark musical comedy grapples with intersectional traumas of war, parent-child relationships, romantic partnerships, and patriarchy across generations and within a lifetime. You only die once — don’t miss it!

The Passion of McQueen

music by Kentaro Kameyama; libretto by William Nedved

It’s the early morning of February 10, 2010, and celebrated fashion designer Lee “Alexander” McQueen is visited by his one-time muse and benefactor Isabella Blow, who guilts him into making her a dress that will surpass his previous creations. As Lee fights through exhaustion and self-destructive behavior, and Isabella admits to the true intention of her visit, a creative partnership is pushed to a tragic conclusion. 

Listen to an excerpt performed by baritone David Castillo