Photos by Mae Koo


written and performed by Michael Shutt

direction and dramaturgy by Diana Wyenn

Every Stroke is Different. As Michael fights his way back to life after a series of inexplicable strokes, he discovers that his best chance of survival lies in the hands of his octogenarian blind and deaf parents, a show tune-singing physical therapist, and a Great White Shark named Bruce.


Michael Shutt, writer & performer

Diana Wyenn, director & dramaturg

Avery Reagan, lighting designer

John Zalewski, sound designer

Rachel Werbel, assistant director

Michael Friedlander, stage manager

Cece Tio & Moving Arts, producer




“Michael Shutt has painted a beautiful picture of what it’s like to suffer and survive a stroke. He’s done an amazing service for OUR community.” — Stroke survivor 


“Captures the magic of storytelling in the midst of trauma and the resiliency of the human spirit.” 

“As a caregiver to a stroke survivor, I could relate to the caregiver characters. I could see my story in them.” 


"You’ll laugh, you’ll be moved, and you’ll learn so much about how to be brave.” 

"A LESSON IN SWIMMING brings to life in stark detail the insanity and inhumanity of our health care system and shows that courage is sometimes a minute-by-minute feat.” 

“A brave and heroic piece of work... Michael Shutt is willing to lead us on a tour of his deepest fears, and somehow is able to be completely entertaining and very, very, very funny!” 

“Michael [reaches] people in a way they’ve not been reached before. You can and will walk out of A LESSON IN SWIMMING a different person.” 

“Sharp writing, expert delivery, and vivid storytelling.”  



May 2020 / World premiere presented by Moving Arts and Bootleg Theatre (details coming soon!)

August 28 - September 5, 2019 / Workshop production presented by Moving Arts at Atwater Village Theater 

May 4, 2019 / Staged reading presented at Moving Arts’ Season’s Readings Reading Series at Harmony Toluca Lake

© 2019 by Diana Wyenn