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The Pajama Game

(2023) Director

Originally set in 1954, The Pajama Game is a musical with favorite songs like “Hernando’s Hideaway” and “Steam Heat.”  The production focuses on a garment worker’s union in Iowa, negotiating a raise for its members at the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory. New lovers find themselves on opposite sides of the labor dispute throughout the negotiations. As a strike looms, everyone is fighting passionately for what they believe in: in work and in love. Nearly seventy years after its debut, this production’s bold new approach takes a fresh look at the characters and the laughs and tells a story of organized labor that continues to shape our nation today.



The Public Theater of San Antonio, 2023

Creative Team

Diana Wyenn, Director

Jaime Ramirez, Music Director

Kellie Hodges, Choreographer 

Rachael Lorenzetti, Costume Designer

Jeremy Whittington, Set Designer

Carlos R. Nine, Lighting and Sound Designer

Saphire Mendez, Stage Manager

Stacey Hawking, Associate Director

Andrea Grapko, Intimacy Advisor

Alyx Irene Gonzales, Catherine “Babe” Williams 

Grant Bryan*, Sid Sorokin 

Paige Berry, Gladys 

Ivan Ortega, Hines 

Debra Elana, Mabel

John Perez, Mr. Hasler/Pop

Isidro Medina III, Prez

Brianna Resendez, Mae/Ensemble 

Kurt Wilkinson, Max/Ensemble

Pamela Sharkey, Joe/Ensemble 

Jillian Sainz, Poopsie/Ensemble 

Amy De La Rosa, Brenda/Ensemble 

Heather Hooten, Mary/Ensemble

Michael Parisi, Eddie/Ensemble 

Joshua Cook, Anderson/Ensemble 

Devon Moreno,Charley/Ensemble



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