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Stills from The Pageant (2021).

The Pageant

(2021) Director

This eco-justice comedy, written by Paula Cizmar and produced by 3Gems Productions, asks us to imagine a future where we save the earth – where everyone finally agrees to make change and it happens, a future where environmental justice wins, despite (or in spite of) “unicorn tears.”


December 2021 — Climate Change Theatre Action



Paula Cizmar, writer
Diana Wyenn, director
Christopher Sepulveda, Sandy Bainum, producers
Sandy Bainum, Gaiaette

Jodi Dennithorne, Gaia-terp

Natasha Ofili, Gaialee

Sharon Omi, Gaia
Tanisha Moreno, cinematographer
Michael O’Hara, production designer
Mylette Nora, costume designer
D’Nelle Almanza, hair and make-up designer
Laban Pheidias, editor
Izzy Gliksberg, original music and sound design
Frederick Bourbon, color correction and finishing
Hansjeet Singh, title design
Script Supervisor: Brianne Camp, script supervisor
Sydnee Crichi, production sound mixer
Jennifer Brasuell, On Set ASL Interpreter
Mara Bassani-Santamaria, Rehearsal ASL Interpreter
Key Production Assistant: Paul Head
Production Company: 3Gems Productions

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