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Stills from Diana Wyenn's From Here (2021).

From Here

(2021) Creator and Performer

From Here is a dance film I created for The Ararat Collective's Map to Surviving a Pandemic, a webzine containing a series of new artworks presented digitally under the theme of “surviving the pandemic.” It features Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude No.8 in E♭ minor BWV 853 performed by Gavin Gamboa and was filmed on the front steps of a 115-year-old home that is witnessing its second global pandemic.

"At the onset of the pandemic, a time when so many have felt more isolated than ever, eight international artists formed a new relationship built around the sharing of artistic practices, lived experiences, and philosophical dialogue. Brought together by the Asylum Arts community, we chose to ride out the storm on a virtual ark intended for no greater purpose than to provide us a bit of collegial shelter. The Covid storm landed us on our own mountain of Ararat: a place from which we have a vantage point to see what’s behind us and around us and, perhaps even, ahead of us. The artwork collected here has been created by the eight artists of the Ararat Collective and is intended to be consumed individually and collectively."


— The Ararat Collective

Robyn Awend, Noa Charuvi, Tusia Dabrowska, Randy Ginsburg, Agustin Jais, Orly Noa Rabinyan, Jon Adam Ross, and Diana Wyenn


February 11, 2021 - August 9, 2021

as part of the digital zine called The Ararat Collective's Map to Surviving a Pandemic 


April 29, 2021: Art Spiel Article 

Ararat: Artists Coming Together in a Time of Crisis


Diana Wyenn, creator and performer

Johann Sebastian Bach, composer

Gavin Gamboa, pianist

Plain Wood Productions, producer​

This project was funded in part by Asylum Arts.

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