Photos courtesy of Grand Performances


February 7, 2020 - WORLD PREMIERE

Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

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Kristina Wong, writer and performer

Diana Wyenn, direction and dramaturgy

Mark McClain Wilson, sound design

Still unsure who to vote for in 2020? Here’s one more candidate to throw in the ring! Kristina Wong is an internationally presented performance artist and now a real-life elected official in Koreatown. But her quest to serve doesn’t stop there! She has her sights set on entertaining all of America with hilarious insights on voting history, the theatrics of campaigning, and the future of reality TV—in other words, our democracy!

“Wong has always addressed fraught social themes in her work, but now she is actively dedicated to making social change, as she freely blurs the lines between artist, activist and elected political representative.” LA Weekly

Past performances:

December 5, 2019 at Comedy Central Stage, Los Angeles

November 10-11, 2019 at REDCAT, Los Angeles

July 15-16, 2018 at Grand Performances, Los Angeles

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