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(2020) Director 

When I think about The Tragedy of Macbeth, I think about this line from Chapter 12 of the Tao Te Ching:

"Goods that are difficult to acquire make one cause damage" (Tao Te Ching, translation and annotation by Derek Lin. SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2006.) 

At its core, this play exposes just how much damage can be done to one’s self, to one’s community, and to one’s own country when power, specifically political power, is sought for its own sake, instead of being sought to be in service. The Tragedy of Macbeth is not a 400-year-old relic and there is no “right” way to perform it. Shakespeare was a politically savvy playwright, so by challenging ourselves and the text (including the well-meaning editor’s punctuation choices), recognizing our own power and agency, and expanding the possibilities for what this play can be and who can step into its roles, we are not reimagining Macbeth, but rather revealing what lies within its text and within ourselves in the here and now when the battles we face are lost, and won.  



March 5-8, 2020
Seaver Theatre at Pomona College, CA


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Article in Student Newspaper


William Shakespeare, playwright

Diana Wyenn, director 

James P. Taylor, Set DesignSherry Linnell, Costume DesignJoey Guthman, Lighting DesignJeff Polunas, Sound DesignNora Nickerson, Makeup DesignChance Dean, Fight ChoreographerKira Edsell, Production Stage ManagerAbigail Wilson, Assistant Stage ManagerEmma Lemire, Assistant Stage ManagerTaelor Hansen, Assistant Director

Madeleine (Maddie) Kerr, Macbeth
Shringi Vikram, Lady Macbeth
Alex Collado, Witch
Isha Raj-Silverman, Witch
Clara Grimm, Witch
Maya Barbon, Duncan
Owen Halstad, Malcolm
Liam MacDonald, Donalbain/Murderer/Doctor
Evan Coburn, Lennox
Sara Acevedo, Ross
Mark Diaz, Angus
Berto Gonzalez, Banquo
Rieanna Duncan, MacDuff
Emma Paulini, Caithness/Murderer
Rinny Williamson, Menteith/Murderer
Roei Cohen, MacDuff's Husband
Lucy Geller, MacDuff's Oldest Daughter
Jayce Garner, Fleance
Benji Willett, Douglas, Steward to the Macbeths
Margo Lusinchi, Soldier
Annie Salvati, Siward/Chamberlain
Emily Cummings, Young Siward/Chamberlain/Murderer
Zalia Maya, Seyton
Grace Lyde, Captain/Doctor
Leah Rivera, Caritina, Attendant to Lennox

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