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Video + Audio

While a lot of my work is experienced in-person and in real-time, I'm getting more and more opportunities to create work specifically for the film and archive my stage work.

Kristina Wong for Public Office (2020)

Here's a trailer for the stage production devised by performance artist Kristina Wong and myself. Footage from the world premiere performance in February 2020 at the Skirball Cultural Center, the production has since been adapted for a National "Zoom" Tour and film shot by Center Theater Group in the Fall of 2020.  

Polymnia (2021) 

This music video features excerpts from the chamber opera Polymnia by Theodosia Roussos. Directed by me and created in collaboration with visual artist Hana Kim and music director Christopher Rountree and his ensemble Wild Up. 

A Lesson in Swimming (2021) 

This award-winning audio production was a completely remote collaboration between Michael Shutt, John Zalewski, and myself. This is the full version, but you can also stream it in 5 chapters on Apple Podcasts starting here.

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