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(2016) Director



Produced by Shock Pulse

Hollywood Fringe Festival, June 2016

Theater of NOTE, January–February, 2016


"Powerful ... keeps you on the edge of your seat. A must see for those who want intense drama."

—Discover Hollywood Magazine

​"RECOMMENDED ... Calderon, who grew up during the repressive regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, is pretty definitive in indicting artists who use theater as their personal playground, far from the realities of actual human suffering. That message comes through sharp and clear in director Diana Wyenn’s accomplished staging." —Stage Raw

"The power of certain productions was such that even writing this, their impact still echoes within me. Neva by Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón is one ... Diana Wyenn directed with a diamond like precision, aided by Joey Guthman’s beautifully realized scenic and light design." —theTVolution


Guillermo Calderón, playwright

Andrea Thome, translater

Diana Wyenn, director

Joey Guthman, scenic & lighting designer

Mark Holden, sound designer
Aaron Saldaña, stage manager

Anna Safar, Masha

Claudia de Vasco, Olga

Daniel Jimenez, Aleko

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