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Night and Dreams:

A Schubert & Beckett Recital

(2017) Assistant Director

This production placed 20th-century writer Samuel Beckett short plays alongside the music of his favorite composer, Franz Schubert. The evening-length performance explored the common ground between these two creators in a theatrical evening structured like a recital presentation. The aim was to unleash the music’s drama and the drama’s music and to explore how the austere theatricality of a single Schubert song can illuminate the sonorous beauty of Beckett’s taut prose.​



Presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic

March 2017

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, USA


Yuval Sharon, director
John Iacovelli, scenic designer
Christopher Kuhl, lighting designer
Judith Dolan, costume designer
Carol Doran, wig and hair design

Ryan McKinny, bass-baritone
Julia Bullock, soprano
Alana Mandell, actor
Barry McGovern, actor
Miles Anderson, actor
Bella Merlin, actor
Priscilla Pointer, actor
Wenwen Du, piano
Richard Valitutto, piano 

Diana Wyenn, assistant director
Halei Parker, assistant costume designer

Photos courtesy of the LA Phil

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