— below is a sampling of the reviews and press I've received for my work —



"Diana Wyenn directs with a sure hand (and contributes a handsomely effective production design) ... The resulting pastiche is certain to mystify those unfamiliar with the pioneering master of transgressive postmodernism" —LA Weekly


"This scorching drama is for the theatergoer who prefers his/her live stage productions to be edgy, imaginative and adventurous ... Director Diana Wyenn, who is also the production designer, does yeo(wo)man’s work in pulling everything together—including performances by nine actors, some of them in multiple roles" —Hollywood Progressive 


"Excellent ... Director Diana Wyenn’s intense and unexpectedly touching production achieves what you’d expect would be impossible; you come away with absolute sympathy for this pair of dueling, drug-addled, married disasters." Stage and Cinema


"A stellar production ... A really good depiction of the time period, great acting and expert directing by Diana Wyenn, and combined with the noir setting makes this hard-edge story a sheer joy to watch." —Los Angeles Post


"The [20 year] delay [of Bill & Joan's premiere] ... meant that director Diana Wyenn, in grade school when Bastian began, was available to give the production the continual sense of restless invention that bubbles beneath the Spartan staging and makes it such a success." —


"GO! ... There's nothing more difficult than conveying a transcendental experience,

but Kass approaches it with a feisty, bumptious charm and considerable narrative skill … deftly shaped by director Diana Wyenn" —LA Weekly, Pick of the Week


"Director Diana Wyenn, an active young veteran of the L.A. theater scene, does a masterful job pacing and visually structuring Kass's tale with only a stack of multi-colored buckets as props and a few perfectly-timed sound and light cues ... A worthy lineal descendant of Spalding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia, this Ceremony is an occasion to savor and certainly not to miss." —LAist


"Wyenn's knack for less-is-more enhances Ceremony's accessibility … It's likely more than a couple left the theater with a heightened sense of oneness." —

"Directed by Diana Wyenn, Ceremony is a funny, gratifying, and incredibly genuine look into the sense of belonging, community, and purpose that we seek throughout our lives." —Neon Tommy



"The smart drama entertains ... Director Diana Wyenn boldly positions the waiting room upstage, behind a low wall, so that the actors start with their backs to the audience ... their anxiety is palpable, even infectious ... Wyenn fosters an understated style that softens the spikier plot developments" —Los Angeles Times



"The ensemble, cavorting in Diana Wyenn's choreography, is magnificent." — Los Angeles Times

"Wyenn gets top marks for her choreography." —StageSceneLA



"Director Diana Wyenn and her cheeky actor‐compatriots ... deliver an inventive, loose adaptation that bristles with contemporary references ... captures the impertinence and brio of Fo at his rambunctious best." —Los Angeles Times

"GO! … The ensemble, which also includes gives heroically insane performances, with nicely contrapuntal comic timing and physical humor ... Rarely has screed‐as‐art been so effective."

LA Weekly

"This production is thought‐provoking and lingers in the mind after the theatre doors have slammed shut." —Backstage


"There’s even a big song and dance production number ... straight out of Saturday Night Live crossed with Sweet Charity." —StageSceneLA

"The pornographic musical is a standout." —Curtain Up

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