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Strange Gestures

(2020) Choreographer

A music video choreographed for Vicious Cousins in collaboration with dancers Haylee Nichele and Hanna-Lee Sakakibara


Derek Pastuszek, director

Anne Madariaga, producer

Chain Letter Collective, label

Shadi Chaaban, cimematographer

Diana Wyenn, choreographer

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, dancer

Haylee Nichele, dancer

John Petaja, editor

Cristina Waltz, hair and make-up

Sabrina Castro, additional hair and make-up 

Paul Reid, VFX



January 2020 | Excerpt from Chain Letter Collective Interview with director Derek Pastuszek and producer Anne Madariaga 

Anne Madariaga: Our choreography was done by Diana Wyenn who is a fantastic talent that we were lucky enough to find. She loved the song and the treatment that we sent, but was rightfully concerned about the way we would handle the perceived violence against women. She wanted to present a vision of reality that inspired audiences to do and be better – and she was a true collaborator in the storytelling. She really helped us to explore new ways of thinking about shadows, souls, freedom, and struggle. She also recommended the dancers, who were co-choreographers as well, Hanna-Lee Sakakibara and Haylee Nichele. I felt really lucky to be able to watch them work together and work with Derek. Using the body as a tool to express emotion was truly fascinating.

Derek Pastuszek: I am profoundly grateful to Diana, Hanna-Lee, and Haylee for what they all, as individuals and as a team, brought to this project. It was so fun and rewarding to collaborate with them – the talent and creativity they each possess is remarkable. Seriously, they rule.

Full interview available here

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