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Photos by Steven Gunther


written by Susan Josephs

directed by Diana Wyenn

Parenthood exists under the firm control of the federal government and it is now easier to get accepted into Harvard than become a mom or dad. Still, first-time applicants Jenna and Steven have beaten the odds and landed a coveted final interview with the U.S. Department of Parenting and Child Welfare. However, when they sit down with their state-licensed interviewer and the questioning begins, all three quickly realize that nothing could have prepared them for what they will learn about themselves-and each other.


Both social satire and psychological drama, Susan Josephs' THE INTERVIEW exposes the conflicts that arise between an individual's conscience, government regulation and societal expectations. Without any particular partisan agenda, this dystopian play asks questions about personal freedom, the dimensions of oppression, the nature of romantic love and the struggle to remain emotionally and ethically honest in a world where critical thinking and non-conformity can have devastating consequences.



World premiere

Produced by Beyond the Usual

at Studio/Stage, Los Angeles, CA 

October 4 – 27, 2013



"The smart drama entertains ... Director Diana Wyenn boldly positions the waiting room upstage, behind a low wall, so that the actors start with their backs to the audience ... their anxiety is palpable, even infectious ... Wyenn fosters an understated style that softens the spikier plot developments" —Los Angeles Times

‘The Interview’ explores dystopian world of parenting

—Jewish Journal


Jacqueline King (Jenna)

Marshall McCabe (Steven)

Melissa Sullivan (Veronica)


Vincent Richards, scenic designer

Iain Court, lighting designer

John Zalewski, sound designer

Lauren Wyenn, costume designer

Hind Bin Demaithan, video designer

Aaron Saldaña, stage manager

Grant Gorrell, technical director

Reena Dutt, graphic designer

Krista Turner, illustrator


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