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 Click here to check out the  digital version of my play  BLOOD/SUGAR for FREE. 

The stories we tell ourselves and one another have the power to unite us or divide us, to heal us or harm us. They illuminate the beautiful complexities and simple truths that come with being alive.


I use the mediums of theater, film, opera, and dance to uncover and share uplifting narratives, concepts, and ideas in unique ways that reflect diverse perspectives that advocate for equity, and environmental and disability justice. 


You can read more about my practice here, or dive straight into experiencing my work here. If you'd like to collaborate, please reach out. There are lots of ways to do so as I direct, choreograph, dramaturg, give talks, lead workshops, and consult. 

Thanks for visiting my corner of the world wide web and hearing a bit of my story. I look forward to hearing yours.

Take/give care,


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