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Alt/Mode is a body of musical works written by composer/producer RYAT (Christina McGeehan), reconstructed into a performance that integrates dance, live electronic music, video mapping, interactive media and set design. 



World premiere

Presented by SummerStage in Central Park
New York, August 2015





RYAT, composer and performer

Kate Watson-Wallace, director and choreographer

Diana Wyenn, multimedia Director & dramaturg

Chuck Treece, drummer

Danielle Currica, dancer

Jasmine Hearn, dancer

Gianina Casale, dancer

Kanami Nakabayashi, dancer

Haylee Nichele, dancer

Gavin Gamboa, VJ and video content

Diana Wyenn, production and lighting design

Kate Parsons, video content and production assistance

Jess Giacobbe, production assistant:

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