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Photos by Ed Kreiger

Becoming Human

(2017) Director and Dramaturg



July 15 – August 16, 2017
McCadden Place Theatre, Los Angeles, CA



"Dramaturg and director Diana Wyenn hits on every emotional point with this gut-wrenching play."
All About the Stage




Dr. Nicki Joy Monti, playwright

Diana Wyenn, direction and dramaturgy

Joey Guthman, set and lighting design

Cricket S. Myers, sound design

Mylette Nora, costume design

Ina Shumaker, prop design

Diana Wyenn, dramaturgy


Dr. Nicki Joy Monti, NJ
Lauren Campedelli, Mom
Kat Rodriguez, Young Nicki/Ensemble
Michael Matthys, David/Ensemble
John Moskal, Konrad/Ensemble
Wasim No'Mani, Jose/Ensemble
Leticia Peterson, Aunt Nicki, Ensemble
Russell Andrews, Therapist

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