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Photos by John Klopping

See You At The Funeral!

(2019) Director, Choreographer, and Dramaturg

With original songs, a little tap dancing, and a lot of danger — a sweet-talking musician, the world’s oldest dominatrix, and Medusa (yes, that diva!) converge at The Broadwater for a queer raucous musical healing ritual unfolding in non-linear time. Increasingly fantastical and intimate, our heroines grapple with intersectional traumas of war, parent-child relationships, romantic partnerships, and patriarchy. Across generations and within a lifetime, See You at the Funeral! dives into catalyzing wounds and the seductive illusion of control to challenge the limits of forgiveness and ask what is possible when you question everything. This solo genre-bending dark musical comedy takes the audience on a twisting, howling, unforgettable ride. You only die once — don’t miss it!



November 29 & 30, 2019

at The Broadwater Stage, Los Angeles


Tova Katz, writer, composer, performer
Diana We3nn, director, choreographer, dramaturg
Jay Kuhns, costume designer
John Zalewski, sound designer
Avery Reagan, lighting designer
Romy Aura, scenic designer
Courtney Rhodes, stage manager
Brenda Varda / Richard Tuttobene, musical arrangers
Jer Adrianne Lelliott, producer

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